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Supply for Russian agricultural producers of plant protection products, fertilizers, agricultural machinery and their components, seeds, etc.
248012, Russia, Kaluga region., Kaluga, st. Maloyaroslavetskaya, 2
INN : 4029034514
Design and production of hydraulic drives, systems, machinery and equipment, as well as the supply of hydraulic system components.
Mechanical engineering
248009, Kaluga, St. Grabtsevskoe shosse 33, building 2
Vodopribor Factory is an industry technology leader in the production of metering devices, pipeline valves for the needs of Housing and Public Utilities and automatic data transmission systems.
Water supply
building 3, 1 Kirova str., 249091 Maloyaroslavets, Kaluga region
Wear-resistant nanocomposite mineral coatings for friction pair surfaces.
New technologies
248010, Kaluga, st. Komsomolskaya roshcha, 39
Production of dishes
Production of dishes
248033, Kaluga, 2nd Academicheskiy passage, 13
Production of aerosol filters for nuclear power plants, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical and other enterprises whose activities are related to radiochemistry.
Industrial equipment
249033, Obninsk, st. Gorkogo, 4
Installation and maintenance of doorphones
Electrical industry
249034, Russia, Kaluga region, Obninsk, st. Belkinskaya, 44
Production of wooden stairs from valuable timber.
Forestry and woodworking
248901, Kaluga, p. Rezvan, st. Burovaya, 4
International road transport
248009, Kaluga, Grabtsevskoe shosse, 99
Production of juices and extracts (using the method of safe and gentle CO2 extraction) from natural plant materials.
Food industry
Kaluga, st. Barricade, 172, building 1
Electronic dosing scales (VDE) (for granular and liquid media) with a predetermined capacity and capable of operating at extreme temperatures.
Electrical industry
249000, Obninsk, st. Kurchatova, 74, office 2
Biofuel from straw and a base for the production of a substrate of cultivated mushrooms, growing oyster mushrooms.
249300, Hvastovichsky district, s. Kudryavets
Production of rare-earth permanent magnets and magnetic systems.
Metals and metal processing
248030, Kaluga, st. Truda, 4, bldg. 1, office. 121
Services in the field of law, including the field of foreign economic activity, translation services. Hinkels Consulting is an independent law firm, legal adviser to Russian and foreign companies operating in the Russian market.
248001, Kaluga, st. Suvorova, 121
Tapes and wires. Laminated strip materials used for production semiconductor device packages.
Manufacture of plastic and rubber products
248009, Russia, Kaluga, st. Grabtsevskoe shosse, 43
It is accredited by the Rosselhozbank and has a federal license for installation and starting-up and adjustment works, both for dairy farms and individual milking parlors.
248025 Kaluga, st. Promyshlennaya, 56
3PL operator: warehousing, transport, commodity logistics.
248002, Kaluga, Boldina, 57
"3D CONTROL" - Development of digital production, implementation of the most modern technologies in the field of 3D.
Electrical industry
Innovative business
248000, Kaluga region, Kaluga, st. Suvorova, 10, floor 1
Production and sale of AlcoteK aluminum composite panels.
Metals and metal processing
248023, Kaluga, st. Fr. Engelsa, 22
Production of chemical substances and ready-made medicines
Medical technology
249030, Obninsk, Kaluga region, st. Koroleva, 4
Production of limestone (dolomite) flour and grits of the highest quality.
Construction Materials
249844, Kaluga region, Dzerzhinsky district, p Polotnyany zavod, st. Novy Bor, 50
Metal furniture production - Drying cabinets, workbenches, tool carts, storage systems, benches
Furniture and furniture fittings
Metals and metal processing
248010 Kaluga, st. Komsomolskaya roshcha, 39, office 1,2
Manufacturing of plastic casting, manufacturing of molds for plastic casting
Metals and metal processing
249800, Kaluga region, pos. Ferzikovo, st. Bychkova, 21D
Equipment for vacuum low-temperature sublimation drying of agricultural products, seafood, wild plants, ready-made dishes and food concentrates
Innovative business
249090, Maloyaroslavets, st. Mirnaya, 3
Manufacturer of gazebos, hammocks, garden swings and garden furniture Leda LLC.
Furniture and furniture fittings
249270, Sukhinichi, st. 2nd Smolenskaya, 1
Bonus LLC produce and implement car service equipment for adjustment, repair and testing of diesel fuel equipment.
Mechanical engineering
249060, Kaluga region, Maloyaroslavets district, village Shumyatino, st. New, 2
Power cable, installation wire, lighting cable, for blasting operations, telephone.
Electrical industry
249841, Kaluga region, Dzerzhinsky district, settlement Zhiletovo, building 14А
Production of pipes and fittings from PVC, PE for sewerage, water supply, gas supply. Production of polyamide profiles (thermal inserts) for window and door blocks, facades and stained-glass windows from aluminum profiles.
Manufacture of plastic and rubber products
249030, Obninsk, st. Kabitsino, 1
Confectionary factory «Khlebny Spas» was founded in 2004 and has been producing high quality flour confectionery products for 15 years.
Food industry
249610, Kaluga region, Spas-Demensk, st. Sovetskaya, 3
Production of aluminum profiles, including painting operations, anodizing of aluminum profiles.
Metals and metal processing
248032 Kaluga, st. Turbostroiteley, 19