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"Verny Put" LLC

Biofuel from straw and a base for the production of a substrate of cultivated mushrooms, growing oyster mushrooms.
INN: 4021003560
Размер компании: микропредприятие
Goods and services
The volume of production capacity allows producing 80 tons of substrate per day by tunnel.
The production and sale of environmentally friendly organic fertilizer from chicken manure compost
248016, Kaluga region, Kaluga, K. Liebknecht str., 31, office 2
Production of entomophages (useful mites and insects for indoor use).
Forestry and woodworking
249010, Russian Federation, Kaluga region, Borovsk, st. Bolshaya, 83
Agrocomplex for growing champignons of a full cycle with a production capacity of 10,000 tons / year.
Forestry and woodworking
249844, Kaluga region, Dzerzhinsky district, Starki village, building 101